The Rules:

The Word of the Week is being brought back by popular demand!

The contest made its debut in summer 2007, with many staff members actively involved as participants.

Every Wednesday a new word will be made available. It's your job to use this word in a creative way. In 2007, the judges asked that the word be used in a sentence, but you library folk proved to be much more clever! We received poems, prose, letters - you name it!

The entries are judged based on originality and creativity. Entries must be submitted via email to by 3pm on Tuesday.

The winning entry will revealed on this blog the following day (Wednesday), and the winner will be awarded a prize - including the much-coveted Word of the Week trophy. Serious bragging rights, people!

If you're looking for ideas, inspiration, or nostalgia, swing by Shannon's desk and take a peek at past entries in the Word of the Week binder.

We look forward to your submissions, and good luck!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

This Week's Word is: Abecedarian


Of or pertaining to the alphabet; marked with the alphabet; arranged in alphabetical order, as abecedarian psalms, like the 119th.

Garrulous - The Entries

garrulous, adj.
Given to much talking; fond of indulging in talk or chatter; loquacious, talkative.


Some say Sue’s chatty
Some will say she’s garrulous
Let’s talk about it

-Sue Cannon


here is how I feel about the word garrulous.

- Trish Grelot


Garry, now he was a talker.
No man could bend your ear
So far,
                so long,
                                  so intently.
They said he could charm
The birds out of the trees,
But he preferred  to try
His luck
                on birds
                                studying in the Library.
It might have been cute
His efforts to strike a date
With Sophia
                or  Michelle
                                or Zalentha
But Garry was a talker
At top volume, regardless
Of who was studying
                Or sleeping
                                Or reading nearby.
It got so bad that we had
A Garry patrol, that went around
Saying Garry, less
                                Garry, less
                                                Garry, less!

- Doug Vaisey




Always had the most to say.
Reciting the most inconsequential
Usually of a personal or trivial nature.
Leading others to believe, after these displays
Of verbal diarrhea, that
Ultimately, sometimes a name really
Suits its owner.

-Nancy Wilson

Congratulations Nancy!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This Week's Word is: Garrulous

Given to much talking; fond of indulging in talk or chatter; loquacious, talkative.

Anfractuous - The Entries

anfractuous, adj.
Winding, sinuous, involved; roundabout, circuitous; spiral.

I have to start out by saying this was the toughest week ever; we were blown away by your entries! We would have liked to let you all win, but figured that decision would impede the intense competition we have going on and decided we had to pick just one. It was so tough we had to bring in a guest judge to help decide. Each entry deserved to win based on different criteria, but in the end we decided to award the coveted trophy to the entry that was the most unique. If only we had three trophies!


I tried to rhyme anfractuous
(a project somewhat fatuous)
The task was so circuitous
that anyone more trepidous
would fall upon their thesaurus
in weeping, deep and sonorous.
Yet, every challenge new to us
Makes our vocab more omnibus.

- Doug Vaisey


I find our Trish
Is somewhat bitterish
Over the facto ipso
That a proven dipso
Could beat her score
Despite being ‘no Terpsichore’

But guess what Trish?
We are both amateurish
With Doug back in town,
 Bridgit throwing down
(And Nancy’s getting fancy)

Our hides will be tan
If we hear from Nawaf, Amber or Dan
Carol would be dangerous,
Our road is so anfractuous!

So let us end our agonies
Combine our strategies
How about changing gear
And just go drink beer?

- Sue Cannon


As I was pursuing my anfractuous way
to work, I espied an afractuous policemen
providing an anfractuous explanation to
an older driver who was growing increasingly

Or in other words:

Wending to work
I did espy
the craggy cop
through imprecision
trying to win over
an old fart driver
who thought him a jerk.

Cop stop
Scold old
See Carl snarl.

- Doug Vaisey


I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger, so here's what it actually says:

My alarm didn't go off;
no lights to check my watch;
my cellphone battery was dead.
No power,
no hot water;
all out of Downy sheets (Ask Dan).
No milk for my coffee;
fell out the front door;
broke my toe!
My car wouldn't start;
then started;
but had a flat tire;
had to take the bus.
The bus was late;
then we got caught in a construction zone.
Finally arrived at work, clamouring pointlessly as to why I was late when my supervisor said...

"Oh please, give it a rest. Your excuses are anfractuous at best!"

A Tardy Student Assistant's Woes

- Bridgit Bell
  Dan Shanahan

Executive Consultant
James Kennedy

(otherwise known as "The Synonyms")

Congratulations to everyone, you all had us laughing hysterically! Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

This Week's Word is: Anfractuous

Terpsichore - The Entries

terpsichore, n.
The Muse of dancing; hence, a female dancer; dancing as an art.


Fond Memories

I remember when I first started  at St.  Mary’s
I found it to be a little scary.
One day while sitting at my desk using my eraser
I pretend to be busy because apparently I malinger.

I hear commotion coming from my cubicle neighbour
I turn to see Shannon and Sue the dipsomaniac but also my mentor
In the midst of dancing!  Sue doing the Running man
She interprets the dance the best she can.

Any boss who does the running man without even a care
I knew I belonged at St. Mary’s right then and there
However with moves I’ve never seen before
I thought to myself “she’s no Terpsichore”.

- Trish Grelot


Pardon me.
But did you say,
“Open washrooms on the first floor.”
Seems like they’ve been closed…. a year or more.

It’s time to parrrrrty.
Come one, come all for a little Terpsichore.
I just hope the floor is not slippery.

- Nancy Wilson



I obviously need to step up my game
Make a plan
Focus my aim
My footwork is sloppy
The music lacks swish
But that’s in the past
Bring it on Trish!

So I’m fixing my sight
Gonna turn it out
Groove my moves
Get some what what

Make no mistake,
I give her props
But what it comes down to is a
Terpsichore –off



- Sue Cannon

Congratulations Sue!!